Thursday, January 22, 2009

What's In My Bag ?

Chanel Bag, Brush
Lipstick, Keys
Scarf, Mints
Prada Wallet, Blackberry
Earrings, Name Card
Book, Kleenex .



woa! i love it! love that bag and i love whats in it! your a cool. one. i can tell i think it says alot about who you are. COOL!
<3 kate

erin fiierce ♥ said...

nice! i love the chanel bag, im gonna re do my picture with my chanel bag in it because i hate the way my photo turned out. yours is awesome! i feel so out of the loop with no blackberry.. ive got this ghetto white duct taped phone that i love to death.. like sjp in sex and the city. i love what people have in their bags! ♥e