Thursday, February 26, 2009

Erin Wasson Part 2

ok so
sadly, fashion week is over but lately and this is totally random i've been obessed with the wonderful erin wasson i bought like 9 items online and as i was going to the store i noticed fashion's feb issue i know kinda late but i always feist my eyes on nylon or vogue even w and bazaar and don't forget nme so i bought it and i seriously am in love with her fashion like i could wear her line everday haha let me know what you think about it all ?

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parkereloise said...

i always wanted to get Fashion isnt it canadian its only not avail in the us its like supposably canadion vogue and i love canada and vogue ahah so one day must go to CN to get it. but where do you buy erin wasson for rvcas stuff online, i tried to go on rvca's site but they had nothing idk if it chaned and i also heard miss selfridges but my mom wont let me buy things that must be shipped from england anymore because we always end up paying mucho shipping. haha so send me a message i love the pic