Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Generic Survey.

The Basics
Screen NameManhattanBlair.
You like it?Like What ???
Height/Weight5'6 / 111.
Eye ColorHazel.
Hair ColorBlack/Brown.
Can you...
Drive a manual?Yeah.
Touch your nose with your tongue?Almost.
Sing?Umm When Drunk.
Speak another language?Yess Sir.
Have you ever...
Eaten sushi?Yeah.
Been in love?Um Yeah.
Skipped school?Haha Yes.
Made prank calls?Who Doesn't ?
Done illegal drugs?Hell Yeah .. Nah Just Kidding ...
Stolen something worth more than ?No.
Flashed someone?Haha ....
Been drunk?Yeah.
Eaten squid?Ewww No.
Been to New York City?Yesser.
Been to London?I Live In London.
DrinkCosmopolitan. :P
SodaDiet Coke.
FoodAny Junk :)
ArtistThe Horrors.
AlbumStrange House.
The Last
Person to hit you??? No One.
Person you wanted to hitUmm Some Witch At Work :).
Person you huggedAwee Esme Of Course :D
Person you kissedI Dunno.
Person you wanted to kiss youHaha Umm Joshua Third :P
Country you've been inLondon.
Car you've drivenMine.
Law you've brokenNot Suure.
Thing you ateMmm A White Chocolate Brownie.
Thing you drankStarbucks Latte.
Thing you saidStarbucks Latte.
Book you readAngels And Demons.
Show you watchedMTV UK.
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1 comment:

Joshy said...

thanks blair!
you're the best :)...i like your blog as well..i'm following! lol