Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Chicken or Shrimp? Hmm Chicken.
Chinese food or Mexican? Chinese.
Ipod or Mp3 player? iPod .
TV movies or DVDs? Dvds.
Comedy or Horror? Both.
Drama or Romance? Romance.
Love or Hate? Depends.
Day or Night? Both.
Beach or Club? Club, But I Love The Beach.
American Idol or Americas Got Talent? Neither.
British or Australian accents? British Accents!!
Tall or Short boys/girls? Tall boys.
Reeses or Butterfinger? Mmm Reeses.
Nitroglycerin or Dynemite? Huh ??
Table lamps or Floor lamps? Floor Lamps.
Black or Blue? Black.
Blue or Pink? Blue.
Hairties or Headbands? Both.
Pencil or Pens? Pens.
Lava Lamps or Disco Balls? Disco, Baby!
Markers or Colored pencils? Markerss!
Lemonade or Apple juice? Hmm Lemonade.
Blinds or Curtains? Curtains.
PC or Mac? I'm A Mac!
Closet or Dresser? Closet.
Side-swoop or Strait bangs? Straight Bangs.
Rock or Rap? The Horrors :)
Speed metal or Death metal? Umm Neither.
Be blind or deaf? That's A Hard One Umm Deaf.
Be old or stupid? Old.
Have Pleasure or Happiness? Happiness :)
Have a Boyfriend/Girlfriend or Lover? LOVER!
Be Single or Taken? Taken.
Have pimples or freckles? Freckles!
Ball gown or Beach dress? Beach dress.
Radio or TV? TV
Sun tan, or Tanning bed? But I Like Being Pale :)
Swim with Aligator or Shark? Neither.
Boating or Jet skiing? Jet Skiing.
Water skiing or Snow Skiing? Hard One, Both.
Write in print or cursive? Print.
Natural nails or manicured? All Natural.
Hats or sunglasses? Both.
Throw Up or have Diarhea? Yuck Throw Up :(
Skinny Dipping or Streaking? Skinny Dipping.
Babysitting or Petsitting? Babysitting.
16th Birthday or 21st Birthday? 21st Birthday!!!
Rap music or Country music? Indie/Punk/Rock :)

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love ze survey, girl! and the picture that goes with it. ooh and i love your song. :) your blog is freakin perfect. lol