Monday, March 2, 2009

BB Brunes Concert.

BB BRUNES Concert, Was Awesome! Ah Singing
Singing In French For 2 Hours Was More Than Fun
Haha Brings Me Back To So Many Memories In Amiens
Anyways Esme And I = Kinda Tipsy And Full Of Engery
So Don't Be Suprised If I Make A Post Or A Polyvore
Set Like At 4 In The Morning :P


Anett said...
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Anett said...

as you know i'm going to new york soon. so, could you please please inform me, if theres some great bands perfoming when i'm there (16-20.03)? :)
i would be really thankful!


thehappyhippyyy said...

glad you had fun at the concert darling!