Saturday, March 14, 2009


Heller!Es And I Are Here In Ameins Not Far At All From The Wonderful PARIS!! Were Gonna Drive To Paris I Think Tomorrow :D Sooo Look Out For Some Picsss! Also About The Plane Ride Well It Sure Was Fun Reading Old Mags And Sleeping Though Our Whole Ride And This Was Are Only Pic We Took XD So Look Out For Updates On Our Adventure! Love Yeaaah, MB


Ornate Kate said...

i will be looking out for those pics boo! have a great time and dont get too crazy! ahhaah! Neva mind do some crazy shyt! hahah! have a blassst. luv ya gurl.

nycoco said...

Ah jealous!! I was going to go to Paris last summer but it ended up we couldn't :( have fun! ill be lookin for pics:)

parkereloise said...

aww so cute haha have fun in amiens !! take lots of picss hope you and esme have funnn!!!