Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What's In My Bag ?

I added in the condoms for kinky kate XD
okay so in my bag i have :
my pink hermes bag
my cell phones
my ipod
some of my stuff i had in france
hand sanitizer
gift card
make up


Ornate Kate said...

Um ok so how the hell did you get an hermes bag??? omg i looooove you for the condoms you are too cute!!! hahaha. great items you must be pretty busy for 4 phones! haa. what the heck?! i love you b!!!!!!! Greatest bag post ever in on the face of the planet!!!
<3 Kinky

celeste said...

i loved the condoms detail hahaha and that bag!!!!!

Anonymous said...

ahh love it! XD
amazing bag. and i heart the condoms and basically everything. haha.

C a t r i n a said...

cellphoneS :D?
but hey, i love your hermes bag, amazing!:)