Thursday, April 23, 2009

Concert + Travelling NEWS!

Hello Lovelys! Well I Got More News Okay So My Sister That I Love Oh So Much For Doing This ... Was Nice Enough To Buy An Extra Ticket For Me To The The Kills/The Horrors Concert In Willamsburg!!
So When I Visit My Sis At Her Place In Willamsburg We Go!! Ahaha Can't Wait But It Sucks Cause I'm Only Gonna Be In New York For Like 2 Days :( So I Have No Time What So Ever But I Can't Complain I Am Going To See THE KILLS && THE HORRORS So That's Good Enough For Moi :P Annd For The Travelling News!! Well Yeah I'm Going To New York But Another Then That Soon I'm Gonna Go Visit My Brother Who Is Actually In Amsterdam Right Now Djing, Luuucky Duuck!! XD But Yeah My Plans Are To Hang Out And Party With Him Spends Some Sibling Tme :) .. In Amsterdam And In the End Of May Esme, Harry And I Are Hitting GERMANY And SWEDEN!! Can't Wait! Keep You More Updates Soon! Loveee Youuuu!, MB


Devonbella said...

yayyy you're coming to nyc! x

Anonymous said...

i loooove your blog. Megs
I'm also from rebellion dunno if i told u already lol..just letting you know. aw2esome pictures!