Saturday, April 25, 2009

What's Blair Up To NOW?

Ello Darlings, Just Came Back From Lunch + Vintage Shopping With Roomate #2 Harry ;P And He Finally Got The Old Record Player He Always Wanted And Is Now I Believe Making Something Cause I Can Smell Something Burning from My Room! I Better Go Check on Him Soon And Make Sure Are Loft Isn't On FIRE! Ahaha Anyways About The Record Player .. He Just Put On The Song "All I Have To Do Is Dream" Probably Because We Just Watched The Movie Riding In Cars With Boys Like 2 Days Ago And If You Seen The Movie You Would Know What Song I'm Talking About, So Yeah That What Blair's Doing Right Now And On Polyvore Thing Of What To Make For Today Anyways Hope The Pics Loveeee, MB


Anonymous said...

you have kickass purses!

crystal. t said...

i like it how the hooks are heart-shaped! very cute :D

crystal x