Wednesday, May 6, 2009



Jess Lee said...

Great set!

♥ fashion chalet said...

love the name of your blog :)


Joshy said...

love this :)
but yes!!! london does have all the hot male models....and female!!!! lmao luke,ash,josh,daisy,agyness and so on!!!
i would love to move out there!!
I moved to L.a. about a month ago and my bestfriend live together out's fun :)

Joshy said...

omg!!!! are u serious!..that's awesome! i so want to meet them! bunny is like the
i want to meet pixie and peaches...I'M COMING TO LONDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
but seriously..i am trying to visit for a wile there and maybe move out there a little later

Joshy said...

I wouldn't move out there by myself! im to scared
it would most likely be me and my bestfriend if i moved