Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Dee And Ricky Jackson, Fashion Designers/Musicians This Twin Duo Is Total Kick Ass There Mostly Known For Brooches Worn By The Fashionable Kanye West. And There Bold Street Style Unique Flair I Totally Admire This Guys And LOVE There Sense Of Taste Being In Brooklyn I've Been Seeing Alot Of This Kinda Look And Really Getting Into It :) Very Different From Home In London But Hey I Love Discovering New Things Anyways Talk To You Soon!, Loveeee MB
Listening To - Playdoe, Meat Shack
Girl Talk, Here's The Thing
P.S. Wanna Get Your Hands On Dee & Ricky's Lego Inspired The Brooches ? http://www.deeandricky.com/

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