Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Jordache Heart Lace Detailed Overalls.
This Jordache acid washed denim overalls have a tiny lace heart embroidered into the back that gives them magical powers to break, or take the hearts of any boys you dance with while wearing them.


Minnie Reversible Disney Quality Two Sides
This is an A+ reversible sweatshirt that features a giant front and back portrait of Mickey's fag-hag Minnie and an "all-over" comic print of a comic where Mickey tricks Goofy into being his butler for free. This sweatshirt is perfect for wearing while you eat too much potato salad and play horseshoes.


Nice Girl Vest For Hanging Rough And Tough
This charcoal and white vertical wide-striped vest is a great addition to any wardrobe that needs to "dress up" and "get down" on the same steamy summer night. Perfect with little round glasses, a leotard and high tops.


Dirty Pop Jungle Top
This "night time" jungle-themed shirt is perfect for wearing on a midnight safari where you hunt the elusive "evening rhino," the dreaded "bedtime baboon" and the rare "twilight tiger." Make every night a Jurassic Park night with this button up.


Reversible Donald Duck Quilted Masterpiece
This reversible quilted Donald Duck sweatshirt is a masterpiece of reversable sweatshirt technology. On one side is a big awesome picture of Donald Duck hugging Daisy Duck because she just agreed to go with him to the Big Dance. On the other side is an "all over print" of little Donald's and Daisy's against a yellow background, spinning through time in a vortex of love and happiness.


Source: Mark Hunter (The Cobrasnake)

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