Monday, May 18, 2009

Pics Of The NEW Kitten.

Okay So After A Week Of Having This Cat We Went Though Many Troubles First Problem What Is It A Boy Or A Girl ? Many Of Us Couldn't Tell Then The Second Problem What's It's Name Gonna Be ? First It Was Peaches Then Faris Until Finally I Was Smart Enough To Go Back To The Owner My Self, Pete And Ask These 2 Questions Like Come On He Has To At Least Now This He Gave Me The Kitten! So Thank God I Went Cause Now My Kitty Problems Are Sloved
Gender: Boy
Name: Sid (Named After Sid Vicious)
Thanks To Pete Who Gave Me The Name + Answer On The Gender! :D & It's A Good Name For The Little Fella Considering It's Pretty WILD


prettyneons said...

super CuTe*
PeAce & BoWs...
prettyneons x

Joshy said...

awww cute kitty :)