Monday, June 29, 2009

Glastonbury 2009

Ello Darlings, Okay So I'm Actually On A Plane Heading To Montreal For Tuesday & Well I Think I Might Have To Do A Lot Of Laundry At My Cousin's House Because My Clothes Are Filled With Mud & My Shoes Are Pretty Much Brown But Thank God I Wore Only My Wellies There! ... So Anyways, Glasto Was Awesome Saw/Met A Bunch Of People There Like Nick Grimshaw, Peaches Geldof, Fifi Brown, Pixie Geldof, Henry Holland, Remi Nicole, Bunny Kinney, Pete Doherty & Daisy Lowe But I Only Saw Daisy From A Distance :( & Of Course The Horrors!! Thank God I Pretty Much Hung Out With Them The Whole Time LOL, I Had Like The Best Camping Spot They Were Like Right Beside Me And Henry Holland's Was Only 2 Tents Away From Mine!! :D It Was Bloody Awesome Though Pete Was Amazing & So Were The Horrors & Lady Gaga Performed Something I Didn't Expect It But Through All The Mud She Still Looked Glamourous & The Weather Was As Bad Saturday Was Really Hot! But Still I Loved It! Anyways I'm Now Working On Some Polyvore Sets And My Next Blog Post
- XOXO, Blair

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MissMI6 said...

Oh wow you got to go there!!! Dunno if i could hack the camping, i'd love to go for the music and vibe and stuff though!! oooh you met all those people! What were they like ?! I only saw bits of Glasot on tv lol