Monday, July 6, 2009


Ello BABES! I'M BAAACK & You Know What That Means POLYVORE/BLOG
Updates And Maybe TUMBLR!! I've Been Thinking About It For The Past 2 Months And This Idea Went On/Off For A While! But I "Think" I've Come To The Conclusion For A "Maybe" So As Of Now It Is A "Maybe" :) Haha, Anyways Since Were Speaking Of "As Of Now Moments" ... Right Now I'm In A Mix Of Un-Packing & Listening/Dancing [Harry] To Music .. & Is Back To Reality With High Harry And Drunk Esme Soon, Walking Down The Streets Of Soho And South East Drunk :) Laaater And GOODNIGHT! - Blair

Listening - The Soho Dolls, Prince Harry

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